Sam Scheil

Sam is a 24 year old young man and is the youngest of 7 children. Sam loves God, his family and friends, his job, playing Farkle as well as his many other interests. Sam has one more special dimension about him, he has Down Syndrome. As his dad says, he has an extra “love gene” and if he were to attend college it would be at Love U!

Above all, Sam loves God. Daily he spends time in his room worshiping the Lord with his guitar, writing songs and prayers and reading his Bible. He believes in the power prayer and sees himself as a warrior in the army of God. For him, going to Planned Parenthood is a natural outflow of his relationship with God.

Sam works at Sam’s Club stocking shelves and helping customers find what they are looking for. He especially likes helping customers who speak Spanish or Sign Language so he can practice what he’s been learning on his own.

Sam has a great sense of humor and really enjoys playing tricks on people. If he tells you your shoe is untied, it probably isn’t, but it’s hard not to look because his timing is so perfect.

Sam enjoys being part of the Thursday Team at Planned Parenthood. He greets those driving by with a smile and a thumbs up or peace sign. He gets sooo many positive responses and “honks for life” from those driving by. He wants to be there to pray for the precious lives of the unborn babies as well as offering to pray for people along the sidewalk. He has touched a number of people with the love and kindness of the Lord.

He recognizes that life is a gift from God to be treasured and defended.

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