Rally at MN State Capitol Wednesday, April 26, Morning…!

We are encouraging pro-lifers to meet in front of the House chambers on the 2nd floor of the state Capitol building in St. Paul to hold pro-life signs and take pro-life literature to give to legislators as they walk into the chamber.

Date:  Wednesday morning, April 26
Time:  10:15 a.m.
Location:  In front of House chamber, 2nd floor of state Capitol Building
What:  to express opposition to the House Omnibus Health bill, SF2995,
which is so laden with anti-life policy proposals that we call it the
House Omnibus Death bill.

For more information, call MCCL, 612-825-6831

In addition to being there to support amendments to stop the expansion of abortion and leaving newborn babies to die without medical
treatment, we are supporting an amendment to remove the proposed Health Cost Affordability Commission, which would have extraordinary
powers to force even private hospitals, doctors’ groups, and nursing homes to cut spending, thus ensuring the rationing of life-saving treatment needed by the elderly and disabled persons to live.

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